Christmas Bazaar 2016 at Tropicana City Mall

Elya Tleuzhanova

It has almost been a year since a company stepped into the market and I thought - it is time to do a little celebration. It was early December; that time of the year everyone is in festive mood. I was more than excited because Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.

Somewhere during late October I was walking around “Curve” mall with my husband and there was a beautifully Christmas tree right in the middle of the hall. It was all surrounded with stalls selling bonny Christmas cookies and ginger breads, as well as candies and even some clothing and electronics. I wondered if I could also participate in one of the bazaars and introduce Georgian wine to people.

After doing some research, I found out there was a 3-days Christmas bazaar happening at Tropicana City Mall on 9-11 December and on 23-25 December. I contacted a lady organizing the event and she gladly accepted us. Next step was to find a person who would help me along the way. I posted a promotion with available vacancy on Facebook and received a few calls from candidates and chose one.

So it is finally 9 December and I am so excited and overwhelmed with feeling about how things are going to take place for the next three days.

first day: Elya and Di

We brought 4 wines - Moscato, Kindzmarauli, Alazani Valley Red, and Alazani Valley White. Forest Gump once said “Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get”, and it applies to a bottle of wine too. So I decided to open a bottle of Alazani Valley Red and one of Alazani Valley White for public to taste.

wine-range for tasting

First day, it was Friday, went slightly quiet, there was not many people in the mall. At the end of the day I felt little disappointed but hoping the next few days will be better.

Little did I know that Saturday and Sunday would significantly differ from Friday. People started coming and everyone was in the holiday mood and eager to try our wines :)  We on the other side were more than happy to share history of Georgian wines and winemaking process. I brought some pictures to make it more interesting and comprehensive for customers.

dispay images

Overall, Christmas bazaar went incredibly well: we met many amazing people, who loved our wine and shared positive festive mood with us. I was glad to have a small talk for 5 minutes or even half an hours - time flies during an interesting conversation!

We had fabulous time on the first weekend bazaar and I was convinced that the next one will be as worthwhile. So the 23-25 December weekend bazaar went awesome as well and we had great time meeting new people and introducing our wines to wine lovers.

our xmax bazaar 23-25 Dec

With this, I would conclude it was a perfect ending of outgoing year of 2016.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for stopping by our stall and giving us the opportunity to introduce you to a range of semi-sweet wines from Georgia! :) I will definitely participate in more upcoming bazaars.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)

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In 2017 the company expands the product range by adding Sparkling wines and Liquors.

What stands Eurasia Trading apart is an exquisite range of naturally semi-sweet red and white wines that garner great responses from ladies who shun dry or full-bodied wines. Our semi-sweet wines have a unique sugar level of 30-50 g/dm³.  This level of sugar is in between dessert wines and dry wines.  The semi-sweetness of our wines are naturally obtained through precise temperature control during the grape fermentation process.  A certain level of natural sugar from the grapes are kept from further fermentation with the control of temperature.

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