Eurasia Trading Attended WineExpo Georgia 2015 in Tbilisi

Elya Tleuzhanova

We flew to Tbilisi, Georgia to attend the annual WineExpo. 

This was our first time in this beautiful country. The moment we landed in Tbilisi airport we fell in love with the country, and it's people who are extremely hospitable and friendly. 

We had the first surprise when we arrived and were going through Passport control at the Tbilisi airport, we had this friendly custom officer who gave us a bottle of 375ml wine and said "Welcome to Georgia". That was totally "wow" as we have never came across this when travelling to other wine producing countries. This is me, after receiving a pleasant gift from Georgian Customs :)

We spend 7 days in Tbilisi, first 3 days were devoted to the WineExpo, where we tried many different wines and talked to different wineries. Me, working hard on my notes, making sure we track all the wines that we tasted. 


At the end of 3 days in the WineExpo, we had couple of meeting with shortlisted wineries and their top management. The next couple of days, we set to visit the wineries in order to see their production process. Most of the wineries were in Kakheti region. One of the most beautiful place I have ever been, I must say. Valleys of chamomile flowers with the backdrop of Caucasus mountains, just stunning views. 

This view from our room, in Schuchmann winery in the Village Kisiskhevi, Telavi.


The last two days of our stay in Georgia, we spent sightseeing and enjoying great Georgian food and wines. 

One of our favourite place was this restaurant called Tsiskvili (direct translation of Mill from Georgian language) its right by river side and have an existing mill within the restaurant premise. At night, they have show program with traditional Georgian dances, which we enjoyed watching. 

Georgia is beautiful country with generous, hospitable and friendly people. We will definitely go back again. 


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Eurasia Trading is the sole distributor of Georgian Wines in Malaysia, representing three well-established wineries, namely KTW (Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking), Badagoni and Maranuli.

Elya Tleuzhanova and Stanley Chee who shares a common interest and liking for fine wines started this company in 2015 with the aim of introducing the Georgian wines to the wine lovers in Malaysia.

In 2017 the company expands the product range by adding Sparkling wines and Liquors.

What stands Eurasia Trading apart is an exquisite range of naturally semi-sweet red and white wines that garner great responses from ladies who shun dry or full-bodied wines. Our semi-sweet wines have a unique sugar level of 30-50 g/dm³.  This level of sugar is in between dessert wines and dry wines.  The semi-sweetness of our wines are naturally obtained through precise temperature control during the grape fermentation process.  A certain level of natural sugar from the grapes are kept from further fermentation with the control of temperature.

You can now buy online using PayPal, credit cards, debit cards and by bank transfers. We ship to all cities in West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia) and it usually takes 1 to 3 working days for your order to arrive at your doorsteps.  We ship for free for orders of 6 bottles and above.  

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